Aiken Equestrian Events, May 16-18, 2014

Now that the rain has greened things up and dampened the dust, Aiken is primed for yet another weekend of non-stop equestrian activities.  This weekend is all about polo, so grab your folding chairs, your sunglasses and your best divot-stomping shoes and head out to catch some of the action.

Friday, Foxdale/High Ground met Kenny Ray Fitness at Meadow Hill Farm at 1:30pm in the semi-finals of the New Bridge USPA Pete Bostwick Memorial 12-Goal. Kenny Ray Fitness won to earn the first berth in the finals. The second semifinal game pitted Bottega against Dahlwood at New Bridge Polo Club at 5pm.  Bottega was the winner.

Downtown, at Aiken Polo Club, Cedro Azul faced Casa Azul/ Mullins at the Powderhouse field in the USPA Constitution Cup 4 Goal at 3:30pm.  At 4:30pm, Peachtree played Duck Hill at Whitney Field in the Congressional Cup 8 Goal. These two teams will meet again on Sunday for the finals

On Saturday, the New Bridge 8-Goal Member’s Cup tournament opens with a duel at high noon between Derry Heir and Karna at New Bridge Polo Club. The finals of the Wagener Spring Fling 4-Goal, scheduled for 3 pm, have been postponed until Monday. One finalist (Jimeni Farm) is set, while the other will be determined in a match between Hilltop Farm and Milwaukee at 10:00 at Henry Cato’s field.

Sunday, Carrollton/Ride to Shine will meet Las Vinas at 10am in the New Bridge 8-Goal Member’s Cup.  Also at 10am, the first match of the Wagener Polo USPA Masters Cup 6-Goal will pit Woodlawn against Karna.  This game will be at Fox Nation.

After the morning games, get ready for an afternoon of Sunday finals!  The Congressional Cup 8 Goal final (Peachtree vs. Duck Hill) starts at 3pm on Whitney field. Enjoy a traditional Argentine Asado (BBQ party) during and after the match at the field side social tent. At 5pm, head over to New Bridge Polo Club to watch the finals of the New Bridge USPA Pete Bostwick Memorial 12-Goal. This will be a great game, featuring a contest between Adam Snow (playing for Bottega) and Owen Rinehart (playing for Kenny Ray Fitness). Both are former 10-goalers, members of the Polo Hall of Fame, and Aiken neighbors.

For those of you who need some time in the saddle, Full Gallop Farm is holding a Combined Training show on Sunday. These shows are a great opportunity for green riders and horses to get some mileage and for more veteran competitors to get a tune-up before the summer season kicks off.

Have a wonderful weekend!