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Vaughn Equestrian
Vaughn Equestrian offers training, sales, and boarding in Aiken, SC.

“Professionalism is the guiding principle of owners Darrell and Melissa Vaughn in shaping every component of Vaughn Equestrian. From the layout of the barns in the new state of the art facility to the ratio of fiber to sand in the new outdoor ring – everything is designed for those riders who really value horsemanship and care at its best.”

Our training program:
Melissa Vaughn’s primary focus is on dressage, while Darrell Vaughn specializes in Jumpers, Eventing and Young Horses. They work as a team with clients and horses. Vaughn Equestrian also specializes in bringing young horses along through early training into “maturity”. This involves developing a program to meet the specific needs of each horse and the goals of its owner. And then having the flexibility to adjust the program as things change.

Our sales program:
We focus on top quality performance horses and specialize in one on one purchases and sales for individual needs. Please contact us for more information about finding your next match.