Aiken Equestrian Events, June 13-15, 2014

The recent rains have brought us a reprieve from the heat. Soft ground and cooler temps have primed Aiken for a wonderful weekend to enjoy the last of the spring polo…or eventing, driving, dressage shows and even a recognized horse trial.  As always, there are lots of Aiken equestrian events this weekend.

On Friday,  Triangle meets Jimeni/Woodlawn in the last pre-finals game of the Summer Solstice tournament. The match will be played at Broken Arrow Farm in Wagener at 5pm.  The Finals for the tournament will be at 11am on Sunday.

Friday also marks Day 3 of the second of Lellie Ward’s Ride Better camps.  These clinics are non-discipline specific and are aimed at improving “safety, balance, control, confidence and fun” for any level of rider. There are three more camps on her summer schedule if you would like to sign up.

Starting at 8am on Saturday, Katydid Farm is hosting an Obstacle Clinic.  Experienced drivers will be on hand to help new drivers, new drivees (horses), or those needing to improve “pace, bending, timing and accuracy” in a competition-like setting.  A Cones Clinic will be held Sunday beginning at 9am. Spectators are welcome.

Holly Spencer will be judging a schooling dressage show at Full Gallop on Saturday. There are still a few slots open if you would like to get some feedback on your dressage. Sign up at!events.

The Aiken 4-H club is having a Bake Sale at Tractor Supply from 9am-1pm on Saturday.  Stop by, eat some muffins (pay for them first please) and help the kids get to the SC State Horse Show.

Everyone should, attend Phideaux’s Flea market at the Albrecht SPCA Center between 8am and 2pm. This is a new flea market, where you can buy or sell, and it will raise money for the SPCA:  “Get rid of stuff or buy someone else’s.” You can also get your dog washed, clipped and his ears cleaned from 10am until 2pm.

In addition to the finals of the Summer Solstice tournament at Broken Arrow Farm  and the Cones Clinic at Katydid, Full Gallop is hosting a USEA/USEF recognized event on Sunday.  Dressage starts at 7:30am and the last cross country rider will leave the box at 3:48pm.

Enjoy your weekend!