Picture Book about Aiken’s Equines

If you are considering something new for your coffee table this summer, take a look at Mike Kleiman’s book Aiken’s Equines: A Photojournal. Mike says he has been photographing horses and horse people in Aiken since he moved here from New Jersey eight years ago.

“I’m not a horseman, but I appreciate horses,” says Mike. “I’m drawn to their strength and their majesty.”

Mike always loved photography, but it wasn’t until about ten years ago that he began to study it seriously. Back in New Jersey, he was a member of the Raritan Photographic Society in East Brunswick. After moving to Aiken, he became a member of the Aiken Artists Guild. His photographs can be found at various places around town, including the Ridgecrest Coffee Bar.

“I wanted to make a book for my son, to show him my life for the last eight years,” says Mike. “That is how this book came into being. Then I decided that I would also make it available to other people; I wanted to give something back.” Many of the horses depicted in the book live at Equine Rescue of Aiken, and Mike says that a portion of each sale will be donated to the rescue. “It’s a wonderful place and they do such good things.”

Mike’s images include action shots of horse in various disciplines, as well as pictures of horses and foals at home and at rest. The book is leather-bound, 11.5” x 15” and printed on high quality, glossy paper. It is a luxury item and priced accordingly: At $300, the books are available by special order only. For more information, call Mike at 908-331-2031 or check out his website: www.mgkleiman.com